The History of Slots and Pokies

Charles Fey and the first slot machines known as liberty bell Charles Fey and the first slot machines known as liberty bell

Nowaday, online pokies are the most popular form of gambling, online casino, not only in Australia, but also around the world. In Australia, pokie players rarely have to go further than their RSL or local club to play on a poker machine, while other fancy casinos and other venues around the world from the sounds of thousands of these machines operating at once. With today technology, you don’t have to get out of your bed, get dresses or go any farther than you used to be as online casinos allow us to play pokies anytime from all devices such as Ipads, Smart Phones, Tablets, PC or Desktop and Laptops…etc. pretty much wherever we want from the comfort of our homes.  Not so long ago however pokies and slot machines were a novelty – literally! and were enjoyed for the thrill of the gamble and the game … no one was losing their house “chasing a feature” that’s for sure 😉

1895 – LIBERTY BELL The First Ever Slot Machine

The Liberty Bell was/is a 3 reel slot machine with 10 symbols on each reel. It functioned like any man would imagine a slot machine should work. Each reel had a liberty bell symbol while the other were mostly suits from playing cards. The jackpot was reached when the lever got pulled and all 3 reels showed the same symbol.
The big jackpot was the Liberty Bell and if you get 3 of those you win 50 cents, or 10 nickels, a little fortune.
You could easily calculate the odds. There were 10 potential stops and 3 reels so the odds (combinations) were: 10X10X10 = 1000. Only one combination of those got you the jackpot.

Incredibly, you can still find the original Liberty Bell slot machine in the Liberty Saloon in Nevada.

History of Pokies in Australia

After Australia legalised pokies in 1956, NSW pubs saw an influx of pokie machines and they soon spread across the country. NSW still boasts the largest number of pokies in Oz.

Aristocrat Leisure was formed in NSW in 1953 to provide pokie machines across Oz. Aristocrat still produces land-based and online pokie games, and in 205 the Aussie firm took over American manufacturer Video Gaming in a deal worth $1.3 billion. In the process, Aristocrat tripled its pokie machines tally in North America.

1990 – Online Casinos and Pokies Are Born

Microgaming online slots and pokies software

Microgaming launched the first online pokies for real money in the mid-1990s. Based on classic three-reel pokies from Vegas casinos, the game meant that players could enjoy pokies from the comfort of their own front room. The game only had a Spin button and a slider to choose your stake, but it wouldn’t be long before major players like Playtech and Cryptologic were developing their own online pokies and casino gaming rooms.

Today the online casinos are a different beast than what they provided all those years ago. The advent of progressive jackpots – introduced by Microgaming and now provided through most of the online game tech companies has changed the landscape dramatically and made the world of online gambling and playing slots from home as exciting as actually being there in person.

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